An Attitude of Gratitude for Healthier Life

An Attitude of Gratitude for Healthier Life


 Gratitude as a way of life

(and a quick way to zap an anxious thought in the bud)

The inner peace and serenity we all crave can’t be found by magical worry and worst-case scenario “what-ifs”. There is a specific part in the brain that does this very well and it’s called the corpus callosum.  It separates the right and left hemispheres, and check this out ladies:

 it’s actually much bigger in us females than in males. We women are wired to worry and anticipate future dangers in order to care for our flock and survive.  

Therefore, I repeat: inner peace is not found by unnecessary over thinking, but by Feeling and Experiencing.  Gratitude is just one of many techniques to do that.  It instantly brings you into the present moment is a direct way of getting in touch with your soul.

Renowned physician and meditation teacher Deepak Chopra shares, “Gratitude is like sending a message to the universe that says, Please give me more of this”.  From an energetic perspective, perhaps gratitude does work like a magnet and attracts more abundance to you.  Or perhaps by experiencing gratitude- your focus shifts and you simply start noticing more abundance that truly surrounds you.  

When is the last time you were gave yourself permission to feel grateful for clean socks, your health, or a hot shower?  Many folks I’ve worked with spent time living on the streets and didn’t have regular access to any of that.

I invite you to pause and take a moment of stillness now.  

Take a few relaxing and comfortable breaths and give yourself full permission to bring into your felt sense something in which you’re grateful for.  

There is no right or wrong answer.  
Be still and breathe. 
Let the energy of it enter you as you inhale and FEEL it.
Take as much time as you want here and visit often.

Alternately, when is the last time you truly told someone you appreciated them, or sent them a thoughtful, hand-written card?  Your gratitude practice needn’t be only internal, in quiet moments of prayer or meditation.  Truly living your values means taking it out into the world and in our interactions with others.

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