8 Adventures to Try in August

8 Adventures to Try in August

woa kickball

Kickball - Grab your friends and a bouncy ball! Or buy a kickball if thats your thing and you want to commit to this adventure more fully. 

Canoe - Rent a canoe at your local lake and test your paddling skills! 

Beach Picnic - You might be saying you don't have a beach close by, but I bet you do. Sometimes you just have to look for it. If there is a river close by then there's water and chances are good a beach. Your definition of beach just might need to be stretched a bit. 

Putt Putt - This is a fun activity that many adults forget about. One of our members takes this game to a new level and uses their putt putt club as a pool stick or makes up the rule that you have to putt with your feet. Get creative. Have fun. 

yoga in the park woa

Yoga in the Park - We love our yoga in the park adventures and many cities have started having regular yoga in the park events. Easiest way is to google yoga in the park and if you don't have one take your yoga mat to your local park and have a nice relaxing practice in the grass. 

Draw or Paint - Got art supplies? Take that journal collecting dust on the shelf and sketch the day away. Interested in painting? Recreation centers have classes or local art studios. 

paint by numbers woa

Star Gazing - Who doesn't love a night under the stars. Here is a great resource to find an observatory in your state

Volunteer for a trail clean up - Last month we went out to hike. This month we are giving back by doing a trail clean up! 

Now you are set with some new adventure ideas and fun to be had this Summer. 

Don't forget to tag us in your adventures #woa or #womenonadventures so we can find you on social media! 


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