8 Adventures to try in January

8 Adventures to try in January

Ah, January. The month of good intentions and short lived resolutions.

This year we want to help you start challenging yourself. It’s time to see what you are capable of by trying new adventures.

Hopefully one of your new years resolutions was to add more adventure to your life!

  1. Indoor Skydiving You just felt something reading that didn’t you? Excited, nervous, scared? Not every adventure is accessible, but if you have a facility in your area, give it a go. Why not!

  2. Sledding When was the last time you went sledding? Do it! You’re family will be shocked when you pull out new sleds and insist everyone go for a ride. Fun tip: Fill a thermos full of hot chocolate to enjoy once you are done playing.

  3. Play something Open to interpretation. Play a board game, video game, snowball fight, do something that makes you laugh. Have some fun.

  4. Move Don’t pick up and move your whole house, but try to move your body. Maybe your resolution was to exercise more. Here you go. Do it. Get down to it. Move your body in any way that makes you feel amazing. Running, walking, dancing. Bring more movement into your day.

  5. Eat something that scares you Yes! There is probably a food that makes you just a little uncomfortable. Now is the time to try it. Sushi? Squid? Cow Tongue? Jackfruit? Carrots? Be brave! You got this!

  6. Call a friend This is your opportunity to connect with someone. Don’t text. Pick up the phone and chat.

  7. Write a story Open up a fresh clean document on your computer, or grab your journal, and write a story. Maybe it’s one you already know. A story from your past. Maybe it’s totally made up and you didn’t even know you had a fictional story in you. Surprised yourself.

  8. Update your resume You are probably not looking for another job, but it is never a bad idea to have an up to date resume. Open it up and give it a fresh new look or update your skills. You may be surprised at what you accomplished last year when you do this. It’s not about being ready to apply for another job, it’s about being proud of what you have done.

I hope you enjoy these little adventure challenges for the new year. Feel free to tag us on social media so we can see what you are up to! #woa8things

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