8 Adventures to Try in July

8 Adventures to Try in July

Trying to find new adventures can be overwhelming and time consuming. We hear over and over again that the hardest part of adventuring is deciding what to do. Since we are pretty much rockstars in this category, you know because it's what we do, we thought we could help you all out by giving you some ideas each month for finding adventure. 

Here are 8 adventures to try in July! Have fun! 

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Belly Dancing - Most cities have belly dancing classes at local recreation centers, social clubs, and sometimes even restaurants. If you can't find a belly dancing class take a different dance class. Salsa, line dancing, clogging, hiphop. You get the idea...get your groove on.

Stand up paddle board (SUP) - It's summer so the best place to be, in our opinion, is on the water. Don't own a Stand up paddle board? No problem, they are now available to rent at most lakes, and the price has gone down significantly in recent years. We found rentals here in Phoenix as low as $20 for an hour. At that price you can't afford not to give it a try!

Sand Volleyball - Grab your friends and head to the park! Instead of a happy hour, how about a happy activity hour. Most local parks have sand volleyball courts. A quick google search will tell you where to find the closest one. 

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Archery -  Archery is a fun way to test your Katniss skills. Check out your local Becoming an Outdoors-Woman or google indoor archery range. This is a fairly inexpensive adventure that you can do alone or with your friends. 

Axe Throwing - These places are popping up all over the country! And for good reason, it is a blast. Where else can you throw an axe as hard as you can at a target? Talk about getting out some frustrations! You'll leave with a sense of accomplishment and maybe even a few new muscles.

Read - Maybe you need to slow down and chill. Summer can be a hectic time of year with kids out of school, vacations, and more. Grab that book you have been meaning to read and relax. 

Hike - Not a hiker? Okay, we get it, but you can walk, right? That's all hiking is! Walking! So lace up those shoes, find a trail (or a bike path) and walk. It will help clear your head and heart. We promise. 

Bocce Ball - This is a little more tricky to find than the sand volleyball, but you can google bocce ball courts to see if there is one in your area. If not, you can always pick up a bocce set fairly cheap from amazon and create your own game. Bocce not your thing? How about bowling?! 

We hope you enjoy these suggestions. If you get out to try them, don't forget to tag us (#woa) on social media so we can find your adventures! 

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