8 Adventures to try in October

8 Adventures to try in October


It’s finally feeling like Fall in Phoenix. I love this time of year which I feel is made extra special by sharing the same season with the rest of the country.

We are generally sweating and chugging water to stay hydrated while you all enjoy the green grass of Summer, or we are getting hated on because we are out hiking in shorts and t-shirts while you all freeze in Winter.

But October is blissfully beautiful and sweet as we enjoy cooler temps and adventure outside. We came up with a few ideas for adventures to try in October. They are adventures to inspire a sense of play and fun and hopefully some connection too.


8 Adventures to try in October

Carve a Pumpkin There are some things we stop doing as we get older, and I never really understood why. It’s fun to relive childhood memories, or if you didn’t carve pumpkins as a child, create new memories for yourself. Don’t forget to roast those pumpkin seeds with a little oil and old bay seasoning. So good.

Photo Walk - Grab your phone or camera and take a walk. Shoot some Fall leaves on the ground or on the trees. My photo tip for you is to change your perspective. Get down low and shoot at grass level. We call it the worms eye view.


Fireside S’mores - The October full moon occurs on the 24th. Light a fire, grab your s’more fixin’s and enjoy a night under the full moon. You can also use this time as an opportunity to release something you are holding on to that is no longer serving you. Write it down and let it go into the fire.

Rent a bike - Many cities now have bike rental stations. Rent one and ride around your town. Explore the architecture and see your city in a new way.

Bowling - If it’s too cold and rainy outside, head inside for a friendly game of bowling!

Board Game Night - This is a fun way to spend some quality time with friends and/or family. If you don’t have any board games handy, this is a great excuse to buy a new one. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on games, go to your local Goodwill and buy one. Sure pieces might be missing, but it could be a fun adventure to make up your own rules around the missing pieces.

Food Truck Adventure - Track down a food truck you want to try or look for a local food truck night.

Meditate - You can either try this one on your own, use an app, or go to a class. Google all of these options to find the right one for you. This will make your Fall extra chill and help you move into the holiday season more grounded.

Let us know if you try them by sharing on social media with the hashtag #woaadventures

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