New Years Resolutions for more adventures

New Years Resolutions for more adventures


The One New Year’s Resolution that Can Bring More Adventure to Your Life

I am a big fan of new year's resolutions. I love getting my brand new journal out and starting to write down all the things I want to do more of in the new year. So when I started thinking about what the one resolution was that everyone can do to bring more adventure in their life, I thought of this one. MORE.

I have been doing this for years, and it has made each year more enjoyable and exciting to think about what I want more of in the new year. I strongly believe we should create more abundance and not more restrictions.

A few years ago I wanted to accessorize more. Seems trivial but it actually made me think more about getting ready in the morning. It slowed down my morning routine, and it started the habit of buying more jewelry while traveling. Now I have better pieces to accessorize with, and even to this day I take the extra minute to put on the necklace my friends gave me on my one year of sobriety anniversary, or the ring I bought in India. It makes me happy to think about those moments in my life and I accessorize more!

It also comes from witnessing the constant denial of things. People martyr themselves because they can go 30 days without dairy or sugar. We are told to quit eating this, or stop doing that. Sure there are things we should quit, like smoking or meth, but what if you looked at the habit you want to change as an opportunity to add more tootsie pops in your life instead of cigarettes, oh wait, no sugar. Okay, how about more walking?

Let’s flip it all around and start adding in stuff. Let’s start inviting more of good into our lives. More adventure. More fun. More, more, more.

Here’s how it works:

Want to eat better? Make the resolution to eat more fruits and veggies.
Want to quit drinking soda? Make the resolution to drink more water.
Want to lose weight? Make the resolution to move more.
Want to have more fun? Make the resolution to dance more.
Want to adventure? Make the resolution to JOIN WOA and explore more.
Want to have more pleasure? Make the resolution to eat more really good dark chocolate.
Want to quit social media? Make the resolution to spend more real life time with friends.
Want to get more organized? Have fun doing more planner time.

You can even have a little fun with it and set the goal to listen more, share more, talk more, write more, eat more….

It is so important for us to invite more of the good energy and people into our lives. Enjoy life more. Have fun. It is true that we are always trying to deny ourselves of things instead of enjoying things. It’s okay. Have fun with new years.

Stop trying to stop. Let’s start doing more!

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