Adventures in Mexico

Adventures in Mexico

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Mexico! It’s beautiful and full of smiling faces and friendly people. The beaches hold promises of adventures for the soul. And your car windows will never be as clean as they are in Mexico.

People in Phoenix have a lot of opinions about Rocky Point. They love it. They hate it. They have never been there. They will never go there. Personally I was THRILLED when I discovered that the beach was a short four hours away from me. I knew I would be there all the time or at least as often as I could afford.

Traveling to Puerto Peñasco doesn’t have to be a big ordeal. It can be fun and easy with the right information.


rodeo drive mexcio

Explore town. The heavy tourist area is at the Malecon, the waterfront. It’s fun to experience. Lot’s happening. Shopping. Restaurants. Pharmacies. Bars. Pharmacies. Fish Markets. Pharmacies. If you need your viagra fix, here you go. But if viagra isn’t for you we suggest another option.

Shopping: Visit Mexican Rodeo Drive for a more low key shopping experience. Yes, that’s really the name, and it promises a low hassle afternoon spent meandering through shops where you can grab a few fun souvenirs to take back home. I can’t wait to get my swing up in the backyard, and no, that has nothing to do with viagra.

Eco Tours: CEDO is a great option if you are looking for a little adventure while in town. They offer educational talks as well as eco-tours.

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When you are ready to settle in and hit the beach, I recommend looking at airbnb’s in the Las Conchas area. It’s a private gated community with a large stretch of quiet beaches. We stayed at Rod’s airbnb which was just off the beach, literally a 2 minute walk, and it had plenty of room for 5 of us with a bed to spare. The rooftop deck was nice for watching the sun rise and set and for dolphin spotting!


Horseback Riding: Basically everything comes to you on the beach. Even the horses. Expect to pay around $20 for a half hour ride. These are not tired ol trail horses. They have spirit and spunk!

Massage: We took up the offer from a couple massage therapists who stopped us outside our airbnb. Sadly, I lost their business card so can’t give you their exact names and info, but I would say you are probably safe with any of them. They set up right on the beach and our massage was $35 per person for an hour. Dreamy!

If you are lucky, you will find a house right on the beach, but really it’s okay if you don’t. Everything is really close to the water. We were just across the road and didn’t have a hard time at all enjoying the beach.


Tide Pools: One thing to do is keep an eye on the tides and as they go out take a flashlight and search the tide pools. Beyond the soft sand of the beach is volcanic rock. It is full of holes which create these perfect tide pools. You can book through the CEDO to have a guide or just go out on your own. We found many different types of crabs and a few little star fish. On other trips we found giant star fish!



This last visit we stumbled across a fun local restaurant, Mariscos Las Plebes. It feels very local and was everything we ordered was incredibly delicious. The Agua Chiles was a favorite for everyone, but the ceviche was delightful as well. The location is off the main road and not far from Las Conchas. It’s all open air with grass roof and big family style tables.

Don’t be afraid to stop at the road side stands. There are several on the way to Las Conchas. We stopped for the Pina Coladas but I ended up with a fruit cup. It was full on fireworks of flavors, but not in a spicy kind of fire, but more of a bold flavor kind of fire. The one directly across from the gas station had their own homemade chamoy that they put on a big selction of fruits. Watermelon, pineapple, coconut, cucumber, and mango. Incredible!

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Did someone say coffee? Oh yeah, Puerto Peñasco has that too. A visit wouldn’t be complete without stopping at Coffee Point for a dirty chai and cake. Try the white cake with cherries and blueberries on top. They said it’s their specialty. It was so light with three small layers of cake with a cheese frosting that isn’t as tangy or as strong as cream cheese frosting.


There are a few tiny details you should keep in mind when crossing the border.

Passports: You will need your passport to get back into the US so be sure to pack that!
Car Insurance: You need Mexico car insurance. Sure you can get it on the way down. There are plenty of signs for it, but you might as well be prepared and buy it ahead of time. It’s not expensive. Baja Bound is a good option online. Depending on your coverage and needs it can start as low at $45.
Money: You can get pesos when you cross the border at any ATM, but many places in Puerto Peñasco take US dollars or cards. Personally I like using the currency of the country I’m in. Feels very world traverly.
WiFi: More and more coffee shops are showing up and they provide free wifi. If you get stuck, and need directions or to update your map, stop and grab a drink while you reset. The coffee at Coffee Point is worth a stop even if they didn’t have free wifi.

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This isn’t so much a recipe as it is a way to dress up your fruit. Inspired by the road side fruit cup. We deicded to recreate this tasty snack at home. I found Chamoy at Fry’s grocery store for $1.97 for 33oz. It is not quite as good as the one in Mexico, but maybe I will attempt to make my own next time.


  • Pick your favorite fruits. We used watermelon, mango, cucumber, pineapple, and coconut.

  • Chop all of those into bite size pieces.

  • Drizzle on Chamoy, chili lime seasoning, salt, and lime juice


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