Brins Mesa Hike and Brunch in Sedona

Brins Mesa Hike and Brunch in Sedona

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Who doesn’t love a girls’ day away from the city? I try to escape the busy-ness I feel in the valley more often than not and heading north is the perfect remedy! So how about the ideal day: A beloved weekend pastime, a happy occasion where you can eat breakfast foods even midday…we are talking about how much we love brunch! We love a good French toast and fruity drink combo (or maybe extra coffee?) after a nice early morning hike.

So, when you’re heading to red rock country for a lovely girls’ day away where do you go? What hike do you choose? What is the best hike and brunch combo in Sedona?

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Sedona has so much to offer, from art to crystals and bike shops to tours, its got something for everyone. For a perfect Sunday girls’ trip, you should wake up early and get a head start on your hike before the sun beats too strongly overhead. Your trail of choice today? Brins Mesa trail. As a 6-mile-long hike with 950 feet of elevation, it is a perfect moderate hike to really work up your appetite!

There are two trailheads for Brins Mesa, but the most accessible one is the Jim Thompson Trailhead. You start your trek through Mormon Canyon with junipers, manzanitas and agave plants all around and even though the strip is somewhat nearby, you can’t hear a thing.

No bustle, no hustle, just nature.

You get a bit of shade at the beginning but be forewarned: a hat, sunscreen and lots of water will be your BFF on this trail in the summer months. Not only will you see Cathedral and Bell off in the distance behind you as you climb, but you’ll also get beautiful views of Wilson Mountain!

You can veer off onto Soldiers Pass trail from the top of Brins Mesa and make this into a longer hike if you’re feeling frisky, but in and of itself, this hike gives you a lot more than you may expect.

After you see the Soliders Pass sign, you have a slight descent and will then be crossing washes back and forth several times, with big trees overhead. You’ll finally come to the end where you reach Vultee Arch road, time to turn around and head on back!


Finishing up your hike, I am sure you’ll be a little (or a lot) hot, probably sweaty and ready to sit in some A/C with a small feast in front of you. No need to worry, there are plenty of places to satisfy your brunch cravings!

My top choice for a menu with a lot of variety is Etch Kitchen, located at the L’Auberge de Sedona. Their brunch menu is served from 10AM-2PM and boasts two sections: Invent and Imagine. A Red Rock Benedict with smoked trout and ham with citrus basil hollandaise or Sweet Bread Pudding Toast with caramelized bananas and cranberries won my attention on their offerings. They have something with the adventurous to the more traditional goer in mind, not leaving anyone out.

Chocolatree sedona

Another great spot to go, that serves breakfast all day (so it’s brunch in their hearts always!) is Chocolatree. They have Vegan, Live and Germinated and Vegetarian offerings with so many amazing spreads and toppings and coffee and elixirs to check out that anyone trying to live a super healthy lifestyle will be in heaven. Their avocado toast with vegan chipotle paneer or broccoli and cheddar quiche are the stars of their breakfast menu for me but the “Heart Love Tonic” steals the show. With maca, goji, cacao, astragalus, reishi and many more super healthy herbs this “woo woo” sounding drink will have you feeling in tip top shape!

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