Can a deodorant change your life?

Can a deodorant change your life?

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I stink.

The nose hair raising truth about me is that I am smelly. I’m not particularly proud of this, but I have a feeling I am not the only one with ability to stop a charging elephant with one raised arm.

After living with this issue for 47 years, I have resigned myself to the fact that If I don’t want to smell I have to use deodorants laden with chemicals. My stink will bust through any “natural” deodorant.

It’s sad when your super power is that you are super smelly. Yes, yes it is.


A few weeks ago I received an email asking me if I could have one of our writers review a product*. Normally I would pick someone and send off the sample, but after hearing it was deodorant, I knew this was my project.

I have met the other WOA writers so I know for a fact I am the smelliest one out of all of us. I’m not actually going around smelling all of our writers! I’m not a creeper sniffing out fellow adventure writers, but I am the smelliest person I know because I know how smelly I am.

A few weeks ago my Lume stick of deodorant arrived in the mail. It came right as I was about to go on a short run so I put some on and off I went. To my surprise I didn’t smell once I returned. My shirt did, but I did not. I even asked a few family members to smell me and they, also to my surprise, stuck their nose in my arm pit and said “I don’t smell anything”.

Alright, we were moving in the right direction and I was fairly optimistic about the results.

Next test, rush hour traffic in Phoenix, driving a manual Jeep, on my way to a Women on Adventures event. There are so many layers to this test. Driving a stick shift in stop and go traffic for 45 minutes can put a strain on any deodorant, but upon arriving at my destination I smelled my pits and I was good to go. On to the next test, laughter club. I know, this doesn’t sound like a challenge, but I am a somewhat socially awkward introvert so new adventures can stress me out easily. This one involved fake laughing for an hour with strangers. Tell me you are not sweating just reading that! But Lume held up, and I laughed for real several times, and I arrived back home stink free.

Unofficial test number three: I had a short hike planned on a Friday morning. I woke up and showered, applied my Lume, and out I went. It wasn’t particularly hard or long so I didn’t shower after the hike. Could this be why I usually smell? The next morning we were off on a BIG hike of 9 miles with over 3000 feet of elevation change in the McDowell Mountains. You’ll never guess what happened. STINK FREE!


The last real test was a 16 mile hike along the beautiful South Mountain. We crossed the whole national trail from start to finish. Since it was a thru hike we planned to Uber from the end back to our car. When Rodney arrived in his grey Prius he did not immediately roll down all the windows. Stink free!

Now let’s get a little personal, because my armpits aren’t personal enough? Lume can be used on “private parts”. Yes, my private parts smell at times. and just a small amount of Lume changed that. There, that’s all I’ll say about that because I’m not going to deep into the nether regions of my life and body, but you should know this stuff works. Stink free!

The other thing about Lume that is making me a lifetime user is that it is cruelty free and doesn’t have any nasty ingredients. Vegan, yep. Aluminum free, yup. Cruelty free, yep. You can see for yourself here. I’m not vegan but have been thinking a lot about the products I use and how I spend my money. I like the idea of creating a lighter footprint in the world, reducing my impact on other beings, while also keeping tons of chemicals off my body. It all feels like a win to me.

So the next time you see me on the trail you can feel totally secure knowing it’s safe to walk down wind from me. Thanks Lume!

*we received no compensation other than one stick of deodorant for the writing of this review. All opinions about my smelliness and the power of Lume are mine and my closest friends and family.

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