Small Adventures Can Have Big Rewards

Small Adventures Can Have Big Rewards


Adventure means something different to everyone. For some it’s seeking adrenaline rush activities like skydiving, to others it’s climbing a mountain and then for some it’s stepping outside for a short hike or walk and disconnecting from the world around us.

For busy mom’s like myself – getting out for a short hike or even a walk I consider an adventure. We spend so much of our time running kids to activities, cheering them on, or working around the house that it leaves little time for our own adventures. I have found that taking a short walk during a lunch break at work or maybe stepping out with the dogs before bed for short walk breathing in the fresh air and gazing at the stars. For each of us adventure means something different and it changes over time. It’s all about our attitude and how we view adventure.

My goal with this article is to let women know that adventure doesn’t have to mean big things – it can be finding little adventures (microadventures) that excite and rejuvenate us.

Adventure can be defined as an exciting or remarkable experience. It can also be defined as encountering risks – and there are risks involved with everything we do. Sharing that just in case you are doubting what adventure means.

One of the best things about adventures both big and small is never knowing what will happen or what you will see. A short walk around your office may lead you to seeing a rare bird or having a butterfly follow you on your walk. Stepping out in the evening – you may see a shooting star or be memorized by lightning bugs lighting up your path.

Living in northern Wisconsin, where snow seems to fall a foot at a time winter time adventures come in the form of skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, ice fishing and anything else you can do in the snow. For me, snowshoeing is a particularly enjoyable activity. You are surrounded by towering trees and can go anywhere you want more or less. You don’t need a groomed trail or frozen lake – all you need is snow.

One particular adventure stands out - it was in the midst of another round of snow that totaled about 14 inches when it was all said and done. And that was on top of the foot and a half of snow from the week before. So total snow depth on the ground was probably close to 3 ½ feet. Impressive huh?!?


I strapped on my snowshoes and took off out into the woods – surrounded by snow being careful not to shake any trees and dump snow down my neck. A real threat in the northwoods when several inches of snow pile up on the tree branches. As I walked – a few squirrels poked their heads out of their nests running to a nearby cache for a snack before darting back. I could hear a few black-capped chickadees off in the woods and then a bald eagle soared overhead. I paused watching the eagle soar overhead as the snow continued to fall. These national symbols are so majestic to watch as they appear to fly so effortlessly.

A little further down the trail and there is a set of tracks – two deer had ventured out in the snowstorm most likely in search of food. I continued my hike sometimes sinking thigh deep into the snow where it had drifted in to an area – climbing out as needed back on top of the snow (or at least as best I could). The snow up here is like fluffy powder. It is amazing! Sometimes you feel like you are swimming in the snow if you can picture that.

I slowly made my way around the woods circling back to the house – spending a total of an hour in the woods snowshoeing, breathing in the fresh air, clearing my head and enjoying the peace and quiet of nature.

To me this was an adventure, one full of little surprises with the squirrels, chickadees, eagle and deer tracks. And while these are a regular occurrences up here – seeing them out in the middle of a snowstorm as the snow continued to pile up added to the excitement and adventure.

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